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Technology improved over many years to help transform customer workplaces and resolve social issues.,big bass slot

cricket all positions,Global reach is to anticipate their latent needs.

handball practice,Environmental management to achieve simultaneous environmental conservation and business growth.

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ps4 football games 2018 download,The tennis rules unibet Group continues to innovate by merging its core technologies of optics, imaging, materials, manufacturing, infrastructure, control and systems, and software with fresh ideas and the latest technologies.

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handball nationaltrainer island,tennis rules unibet explores workplace challenges in depth so that we are integrated into various aspects of your work and deliver high-quality support. We will develop optimal AI to find the very best solutions and deliver value to the workplace.

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stud game,Using multiple stereo cameras to measure the rate of cracks, the rutting depth, and flatness in a single pass

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Our technology is one way in which we are helping overcome growing social issues posed by the aging of roads, tunnels, and other infrastructure. Systematically maintaining such structures will enhance social safety and security.,jeremy lin basketball shoes xtep

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Stereo cameras: Obtaining depth (three-dimensional) information on objects ahead by using the parallax of two cameras aligned left and right.

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ps4 football games 2018 download,tennis rules unibet offers industrial printing services for printing on diverse media (e.g. building materials, clothing, paintings, food, medical supplies, etc.) in addition to paper by combining inkjet head and ink materials technologies, which are tennis rules unibet's strengths. Users can print one original illustration on wallpaper, clothes, or even on the foam of a caffé latte.

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tennis table qatar open 2020,Totally different from traditional cameras, RICOH THETA, can capture an entire 360° scenes around the photographer with a single shutter release. This product is a fruit of the merger of tennis rules unibet's unique optical technology with its image processing technology. RICOH THETA is utilized in a wide range of applications, including use as an automotive camera and reality application for tours that link multiple 360° images with room floor plans in the real estate business.

The tennis rules unibet Group consistently earmarks about 5 - 6% of consolidated sales for R&D to ensure a steady stream of innovation. In the year ended March 2021, R&D expenses reached 90.3 billion yen, about 5.3% of sales. Of this amount, 11.7% (10.6 billion yen) went into basic research.,play american roulette

Intellectual property—the fruit of our R&D efforts—is one of the most precious resources we have for securing a competitive market advantage.
In the year ended March 2021, we retain the rights to more than 16,629 patents in Japan and more than 23,829 patents overseas.